Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Candy Affair

Hey everyone! I'm so happy to post about this new original short from Oddbot Animation. Its called "A Candy Affair" and its just in time for Halloween!
My director, Chris Hamilton, presented me with the opportunity to write and direct my own short. It was a pretty quick turnaround, about 3 weeks from story to animation and a couple more weeks to work out the music. He told me he wanted it to be at least a min long and Halloween themed. I was a little stressed at first but it was really fun to work on, plus I like a challenge! It was actually a blessing to get a story idea written pretty quickly, I tend to second guess myself and noodle things to death. So working with a tight deadline I was forced to make decisions and commit to ideas. The came the whirl wind of character designs, storyboards, layout and animation.
Luckily, I had some great help:
Zach Aufdemberg - who helped with everything from story to animation to editing and sound
Will Patrick - who did the storyboards and helped with animation (
Eric Gonzalez - who designed backgrounds and the title cards (
With thanks to Robert Ramirez for letting me ask a million questions.
And Jeff Zahn who did a really great job with the music! (

Anyways, this is what came out!! Hope everyone likes it and shares it if you do! I'm really proud of the way it turned out and the work everyone put into it! That world needs a little more cuteness me think! Yay!


Mike Moloney said...

Hey great work! That was super cute.

damon said...

so cute i love it

Crystal said...

Yay! Thanks guys!!!

: : said...

I remember my first dance - my head popped just like that. Great job, Crystal! More, please.

Ben said...

woowweee, thats a really fun short! awesome

Kevin Hobson said...

This is so cute and creative.