Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tasty Time With ZeFronk Premiere!

Playhouse Disney will be premiering this new series of cartoon shorts Saturday, November 8th at 6:25am. I dont expect most people will be up this early on a Saturday morning, but maybe if you are up after a long night of partying or you can DVR it, or if you are like me and are slow on the uptake of the future can video tape it.
Anyways, the show is about a French Wiener Dog who's cooking show teaches kids about healthy eating, He's got a little bird assistant sous chef, Sue and a neighbor cat, Dom, who is always trying to sneak his snacks.
The show is super cute and also features the very awesome voices of Rob Paulsen (best known as Yakko & Pinky from Animanics, Raphael from TMNT, the list goes on and on and on) and Mark Hamill (yes, THE Mark Hamill, who is an amazing voice actor).
So find out how to make Ze Tomato Surprise (cause you will be surprised) and check out some of my animation!!!!

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