Thursday, May 8, 2008

Return of the colored pencils....

I was thinking my blog needed a color pop, and then remembered once upon a time I used to use nothing but colored pencils. It was the first thing I was taught to use when I was younger and still my favorite! I kinda felt like my left arm was complete again (my blog also needs a nerdy Sweeney Todd reference). Anyways, here is the first prismacolor drawing I have done in a long long time...I am thinking of entering it in the primsacolor contest, see if I still know how to work these pencils! Yay!

All images copyright Crystal Stromer 2008.


Anna Gallaspy said...

There's that birdie! Quite a color pop indeed. brilliant. :)

ENZO said...

Love the bird especially in color. One thing I have yet to try, never done anything with color pencils, only pencil. Good job, you should do more like this one, oh and the marker ones are very cool, especially the bear and his monster.

Renzo E. Hernandez